Quit these 8 bad dental habits in 2019

8 Dental Habits to change in 2019

We at reston smile zone dentistry are here to help you with habits to have a great smile

We at Reston Smilezone frequently see patients with worn teeth, tooth injuries, cavities, chips, cracks, and gum disease. In some cases, these damage were caused due to bad dental habit. We all have a few bad habits, and some of them can do serious damage to our dental health. If you recognize your bad behaviors and change them, you may prevent many expensive and potentially serious dental problems throughout your life. Here are eight of the most common bad dental habits. If any of them are yours, it’s time to let them go.

1) Drinking carbonated soda is a habit many people have a hard time breaking. Soda is sugary and acidic, and consuming large amounts contributes to decay and cavity formation. Drink water instead.

2) Chewing ice seems harmless enough, but the hardness of ice can chip or crack your teeth. Dentists recommend chewing sugarless gum instead. You can even try drinking cold water as an alternative

3) Eating starchy junk food is bad for your teeth and your body. Starchy and sugary foods leave a residue that contributes to plaque formation and tooth decay. Clean up your diet for the sake of your teeth.

4) Using your teeth as a tool. Opening bags and bottles with your teeth can crack your natural teeth and destroy dental restorations. Use your hands or scissors to open bottles and bags, so you can spend less time in the family dentistry clinic.

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5) Chewing pencils or pens damages tooth enamel and can chip or crack your teeth. Use writing utensils for writing, and chew on something healthier like sugarless gum.

6) Brushing too hard may seem like a good dental care habit, but it actually erodes tooth enamel. Family dentistry professionals suggest you brush gently in a circular motion with a soft-bristled toothbrush.

7) Smoking cigarettes or chewing tobacco is a terrible habit for many reasons. Besides staining your teeth, it can cause gum disease and oral cancer. If you can’t quit smoking on your own, seek professional help at your family dentistry clinic.

8) Grinding your teeth is a habit you might not realize you have, but it can cause serious damage to your teeth. If you clench or grind your teeth at night, you may need to wear a dental care appliance called a night guard. Ask your dentist for advice.

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The best dentist in Reston VA offers is the one who can help you break your bad habits and start forming good ones. To enhance your smile and hold onto your original teeth for life, make sure to keep your scheduled dental appointments, and constantly examine behaviors that can compromise your dental care efforts.
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Annual Dental Benefits – Use It Or Lose It

Maximizing Your Dental Benefits Before The End Of The Year

Did you know your dental benefits reset every year? It’s true. If your dental insurance plan, like most is on a calendar year, you will lose out on all unused benefits after December 31st.

Did you know, according to the National Association of Dental Plans, only 2.8% of people with PPO dental plan participants reached or exceeded their plans annual maximum. That means now is a great time of year to take advantage of everything your dental insurance provides, especially if you have outstanding treatments. Whether you’re paying for dental care through a benefits plan or using an FSA, your current plans will most likely run out on December 31. Don’t let your hard-earned dental dollars go to waste. Here are just a few of the services you want to use before you lose the opportunity. 

Tips for Making the Most of Your Plan

  • Prevention is better than cure both for your health as well as your pocketbook. Most plans typically pay 100% for preventive visits, so if you have not had one yet, this may be a good time to schedule one. 
  • Once you’ve determined what your dental needs are, work with Dr Mahathi Nanduri, your Reston dentist to figure out what is covered.

Few of the Services you want to use

  • Routine Checkups – Many dental insurance plans provide coverage for two checkups a year at six-month intervals. So, if you haven’t had a cleaning in the last six months, now is an excellent time to schedule an appointment with Dr. Mahathi at Smilezone Reston Dentist
  • Large Treatments –If you’re getting close to your annual maximum, your Reston dentist at Smilezone  can help create a plan to maximize your benefits by splitting your treatment between this year and next, allowing you to use the benefits you have remaining this year and take advantage of your renewed benefits after the new year.

Don't let your dental benefits go to waste by making sure you use them before December 31.

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Next, the hygienist will begin cleaning the teeth. They use a small metal tool called a scaler to scrape away any tartar in between the teeth and around the gumline. Then they’ll polish the teeth using a lightly abrasive paste and a polishing tool. This gives your teeth a nice, deep clean and removes any remaining tartar. They finish the cleaning off with flossing.

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Why Visiting The Dentist Is Important

Even for people with amazing oral health habits like brushing twice a day for two minutes and flossing daily, visiting the dentist every six months is crucial to maintaining good oral health. The reason for this is that dental problems don’t go away on their own and tend to get worse, which also makes them more difficult (and expensive) to fix. Regular dental checkups catch problems early so that more intense treatment doesn’t become necessary.

We Can’t Wait To See You!

Whether it’s been six months or longer since the last time we saw you, we’re looking forward to seeing you again! Schedule your next appointment right away, and we can make sure everything in your mouth is healthy and clean!

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