Dental Bridges vs. Crowns vs. Implants

There are a many ways to lose a tooth. If you neglect your oral hygiene long enough, you’ll get a cavity. Ignore that cavity, and it grows and allows bacteria to get past the enamel and infect the root of the tooth. Usually a root canal can save the tooth, but sometimes the damage is so severe that the tooth has to be extracted. Regardless of how you lost your tooth, tooth replacement technology has advanced in the past few years.

Dental Bridges Crowns

Dental Bridges

If you have a missing tooth, a bridge may be the solution you’re looking for. A bridge positions a false tooth in the space where a tooth has been lost, using the teeth on either side of the gap for support.

Dental Crowns

A dental crown is essentially a cap placed over the tooth to strengthen the tooth and improve its appearance. You may need a crown to:

  • Restore your tooth after a root canal
  • Reshape a misshapen tooth
  • Strengthen a broken or decayed tooth
  • Improve the appearance of a discolored tooth

Ideal for protecting a cracked, broken tooth or covering up tooth discolorations, crowns can be a great solution for improving your smile.

A crown is a tooth shaped cap that fits over a problem tooth to improve strength, size and appearance.

Dental Bridge Crown in Reston VA
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Crown placement can offer several benefits:

  • Long term durability
  • Protection from further decay, infection and cracking
  • Improved chewing and talking
  • An improved, natural and healthier smile

Dental Implants

The most technically-advanced option is a dental implant. These are screw-like posts buried through the gums and into your jawbone to replace the root of a missing tooth. A smaller post attaches the implant to a crown that restores the look and feel of the tooth that was once missing.

Dentures and bridges fix the appearance of a missing tooth, but they do nothing about the missing root under the surface.

There are various options available and if you have questions on Dental bridges and crowns procedures, cost, or it’s benefits over dentures or implants, please contact us at 703-662-1625.

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