Advantages of Composite Resin Dental Fillings

Traditional dental restoratives, or fillings, may include gold, porcelain, and composite. Newer dental fillings include ceramic and plastic compounds that mimic the appearance of natural teeth. These compounds, often called composite resins, usually are used on the front teeth where a natural appearance is important. There are two different kinds of fillings: direct and indirect. Direct fillings are fillings placed directly into a prepared cavity in a single visit. Indirect fillings generally require two or more visits. They include inlays, onlays, veneers, crowns, and bridges fabricated with gold, base metal alloys, ceramics, or composites.

In addition to the huge improvement in the aesthetics of composite resin fillings, these fillings have even more benefits:
Composite resin dental fillings require the removal of less tooth structure for proper placement when compared with traditional metal fillings. At SmileZone Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Reston, we are committed to always providing the most conservative treatment possible, and composite fillings help us to meet that goal. Please contact us at (703) 662-1625 and we will be happy to assist you.

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